Why should you select a dog as your pet?

Are you planning on adopting a cute little animal friend? Are you specifically thinking about a dog? Or are you thinking about adopting another kind? Well regardless of which one it is, you should certainly give thought to adopting a dog. Let me tell you why.

Dogs are the companions of men. Some may say it is a woman, maybe even another man. However the truth is different. The true companion is a dog. Dogs are absolutely loyal to you. In their eyes, no one is more important than you and the bone you leave for them to chew on. However you are still the most important being in their life. They see you not as master or an owner but as a friend; someone who is nurturing and loving; someone who simply cares for them.

This is one of the reasons why dogs would come pouncing over to you when you come home. The other being much simpler; they love you. They show their love to you by being so adorable. They would listen to whatever you say. They will snuggle with you when you are feeling down. They would wake you up in the morning so your schedule wouldn’t become a mess.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Of course it does. Life with a dog is like living with your best friend without the drama. You can truly be who you are. Do you want to wear an onesie and sing along to “You’ll be in my heart”? Go ahead and do so.  Your dog is not going to mind.

The best part about selecting a dog as your pet is that you would find yourself getting used to an active lifestyle. Dogs are generally energetic animals therefore you would have to take them out for a walk or even play fetch with them. You would have to become more active and sporty to keep up with a dog. This means you can take care of your health and wellbeing. You could become fitter and avoid physical complications.

Another reason why you should go with a dog is security. Dogs are highly alert animals therefore they can sense movement and presence. They would then either bark and alert you about the suspicious occurrence or they would go and check it out themselves. The latter might be worse because dogs are equipped with a good set of canines that are perfect for chomping down on a robber’s foot. While keeping a dog around would allow you to be at peace and feel secure, make sure that you have other security measures.

Ultimately dogs are amazing and if you want to select a pet, do go for a dog. They will keep you safe, keep you fit, comfort you and love you. What else could you possibly want?

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