Tips for choosing clothes for spring

Spring is upon us. We can finally wave winter goodbye and look forward to warmer temperatures, greener paths and cheer in the air. When spring arrives, it would feel like the whole world is being reborn. The colour of the trees would change. Animals hibernating through the cold, winter months would wake up at the sight of sunlight creeping in.  The birds that migrated would return. People would come out of their houses and walk down the warmer streets. And of course you would be looking at all of this dressed in the most gorgeous outfit that even spring would be jealous of.

However if you happen to be wearing a thin crop top no matter how stylish it is, spring would laugh at you and send the flu to visit you at home.

When you choose clothes for spring, you should keep quite a bit of things in mind. Just because the air is warmer than in winter doesn’t mean that it is warm enough to keep you cozy even in thin clothes.  The season still requires to you to take some care when dressing up. Here are a few tips for choosing clothes during spring.

. Make sure you have clothes that suit the ever changing weather

Spring is characterized by its indecisiveness. One moment it can be warm, and in the next there can be a chill that creeps straight through your clothes and into your flesh and bone. You should thus make your outfit adaptable no matter what spring throws our way. Choose materials that are breezier than winter clothes, however they shouldn’t be as breezy as your summer wear.  Choose sweaters that are slightly thinner so you wouldn’t bake but you wouldn’t freeze either. Also keep in mind that you can have additional layers of clothes as you wish. Maybe you could choose to get a jacket to wear on top of your sweater or tee and a pair of leggings to slip under a skirt. Just make sure you try are smart when it comes to what you wear.

. Go for floral patterns.

When you say spring, what comes to your mind? Most of them it is flowers. Flowers are a symbol of spring. They represent the joy, beauty and life of this season. Therefore try to include flower motifs in your outfit. You could choose to wear a floral gown. Maybe a floral patterned top, skirt or pant. It doesn’t matter which component you want the pattern to be on. Just try to represent spring’s Symbol in your outfit.

. Have rain gear ready.

This is very important. Spring as mentioned above is indecisive. However one thing is certain there will be rain and probably lots and lots of it. So always have an umbrella or a rain coat with you so that when the weather turns sour, you can still remain joyous.

In the end ensure that when spring comes around, you are ready for her and your outfit is too.

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