Things to keep in mind when baking

Baking can either be the most gratifying experience in the kitchen or a plain nightmare. Any person who bakes can tell you that it can be a lengthy process involving so many steps that should be done accurately. It also can test your patience and wreck it when things go horribly wrong. While this can be true, if done right baking can be a joyful experience.  If you wish to ensure that the process of baking will be one that you would enjoy, all you have to do is keep the following in mind.

. Read the recipe thoroughly.

The importance of this is undermined by many people. Recipes are your guide to ensuring what you bake is what you want to bake. Upon first glance a recipe may seem easy and if you are short of time you might think that you can just start on the recipe. However this is not only ‘incorrect’, it is also silly. I remember when I was younger and wanted to make a pine apple upside down cake. I just skimmed through the recipe and stated on the batter for the cake. Halfway through after adding the yoghurt and milk to my egg, butter and sugar mixture, my batter suddenly curdled. I did not know what went wrong. I was absolutely worried sick. When I scanned the recipe again, I realized I had made a mistake. Instead of adding melted butter I added butter at room temperature. The batter had then curdled due to the addition of the tart ingredients.

The importance of reading the recipe is so huge that one cannot say just how much it is. When you read the recipe thoroughly you would be able to understand what has to be done. Then you can start to bake without a worry. If you do not look at the recipe and read it thoroughly, you could either do the mistake I made or even worse forget an ingredient entirely.

. Do not make substitutions without verifying them

This is something you should keep in mind. Baking is a science. You can’t mess around with it. The ingredients in a baked item are there for a reason. Sometimes, when an ingredient is not available you might put a substitute without verifying if it can be used.  The best example is baking soda and powder. A common thing amateur bakers do, is substituting one for the other when there is lack of it. However this is a terrible thing to do. While both are made up of bicarbonate of soda. Baking powder also has other ingredients such as corn flour included. This creates a huge difference in the way the product work. Any chef would tell you that soda is used to spread the item while powder puffs it up.

Even other ingredients have similar problems therefore first research and see if the ingredient you intend to use a worthy substitute and if it happens to be one then use it.

Ultimately baking can be fun and joyous. For it to be that way, ensure you do the above so your experience would be hassle and stress free.

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