It is time to say goodbye to the musicians we loved

2016 was an awful year. America somehow managed to elect a blond sweet potato into office. UK kissed Europe goodbye. The climate was a mess and everything became more expensive like usual. However the worst of the year was felt by the music industry worldwide.

Christmas 2016 was a painful day, the beloved George Michael left the world forever. He was the man who shined in his beauty and amazing vocals. Careless whisper still reigns as one of the most beautiful love songs of all time. Wake me up before you go-go is still a jam even after decades have passed. The singer was only fifty-three years old. The average life expectancy would have meant he could have been with us for two or three more decades, maybe even five. So why did it have to be that he was taken at the age of fifty-three?

His death was one of the last deaths that the year claimed. Christina Grimmie, one of the most beloved ‘the voice’ singers, lost her life at the age of twenty-two. She was young. She had her whole life in front of her. A career awaiting her. Her voice could heal frozen hearts and spread warmth for miles. However it cannot be heard anymore. The person who shot her made sure of it. Why did he do it? Why did he wreck the life of a young singer? Why did he pierce a nail deep into the music industry’s heart? Was he a crazed fan? No one knows. No one knows why it happened. Maybe it is the curse of 2016.

Then you have prince. One of the greatest musicians to have ever lived. His songs shook the industry just like the singer himself. He was flamboyant, had an audacious style, absolutely alluring and downright amazing. He experimented in so many types of pop music. He was an icon. He was in his late fifties, an age in which many live and definitely do not die. However that changed in April, when the singer passed away.

2016 has been an awful year for the music industry. However no one can avoid death. Even though they are gone and their music lives on. I wish I could tell them “Thank you.” I wish I could have expressed how happy their songs made me feel and how important they were. Price and George Michael are on a league of their own, however Christina was not. She was just in the beginning of her career. Maybe she could have joined the likes of iconic singers. No one knows but she will be dearly missed.

And now we await what 2017 brings. The past years have taught us that it is not going to be any better. However we would still look forward like the hapless people we are.

To Prince, George and Christina, I wish to say good bye and thank you. Your music will remain while you are not. Years from now people would still listen to your voices and sing your songs to their beloved. You have left a part of you here with us and we will cherish it.

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