The K-pop scene; the life of a trainee

Posted on February 4, 2017

Remember back in 2012 when Gangnam style was the biggest trend of the year? Everybody across the world would sing along to the catchy song. “Oppa Gangnam Style!” they would sing with joy and enthusiasm while rocking some of the iconic dance moves. The iconic song is part of a huge plethora of songs called K-pop. K-pop is the short form of Korean Pop. The term Korean Pop is more than pop music that happens to originate from Korea, rightRead More

Why should you select a dog as your pet?

Posted on January 27, 2017

Are you planning on adopting a cute little animal friend? Are you specifically thinking about a dog? Or are you thinking about adopting another kind? Well regardless of which one it is, you should certainly give thought to adopting a dog. Let me tell you why. Dogs are the companions of men. Some may say it is a woman, maybe even another man. However the truth is different. The true companion is a dog. Dogs are absolutely loyal to you.Read More